Calla Lily Wreath
A simply stunning white Gypsophila wreath featuring white Calla Lilies...
Classic Wreath
A classic white Chrysanthemum based wreath with a pink Rose and Genista spray...
Pastel Wreath
A pretty pastel wreath. Pink and cream Roses, pink Hydrangea and Hypericum are mixed with purple Lis..
Pink Calla Lily Wreath
A stunning wreath in shades of pink and purple. Calla Lilies, Roses and Hydrangea on a bed of luscio..
Pink Urn Wreath
A pretty urn wreath base. Pink and cream Roses, pink Hydrangea and Hypericum with purple Lisianthus ..
Pink Wreath
A pretty pink wreath featuring Roses, Germini and Carnations with lilac Lisianthus and mix of luscio..
Planted Wreath
A naturally beautiful pink Rose and Heather wreath with flourishes of Thyme and Ivy...
Purple and White Wreath
A purple and white wreath featuring blue Iris, white Roses, Lisianthus and Chrysanthemums. Purple Tr..
Red Wreath
A bright red wreath featuring Roses, Gerbera and Carnations with a mix of lusciuous green foliage...
Rose and Orchid Wreath
A contemporary white Phalaenopsis Orchid wreath featuring cream Roses, white Hydrangea and Carnation..
Rose Urn Wreath
A delicate pink spray Rose urn wreath. Urn not included...
Sunflower Wreath
A beautifully bright Sunflower wreath with yellow Solidago and Galax Leaf trim...
White Lily Wreath
A stunning white Lily wreath with a dash of green Hypericum, variegated Dracaena and Pittosporum...
White Rose Wreath and Candle
A three wick church candle encompassed by a white Rose and Jasmine wreath with foliage...
White Rose Wreath and Lantern
A white candle lantern sits serenely amidst a white wreath of Roses, Jasmine and luscious green foli..
White Urn Wreath
An elegant white crescent creates a beautiful focal point for an urn. White Hydrangea and Calla Lili..
White Wreath
A beautiful white Rose and Jasmine wreath with a generous mix of foliage...